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With the rise in property prices, individuals searching for places for accommodation are looking to explore alternative options for their property needs. The cost of buying and owning a home has increased tenfold compared to the last decade. Soaring prices of property have left potential buyers with no choice but to turn to cheaper options of living without compromising on the quality. They want to optimize their investments in order to get a good return on their choices. That is why more and more people are turning to renting houses and properties instead of buying them.

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At Dogra Estate Agents, we specialise in rented properties for both residential and commercial purposes in West London, especially Hounslow. We take immense pride in the quality of our services and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We have a number of listed properties on our website for renting. Interested people can browse through them or can reach us directly through our website.

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Renting can prove to be advantageous over buying

Many buyers anticipate that buying a home will not leave a huge hole in their pockets. While this may hold true for certain places, a majority of properties often drain their owners financially. Apart from maintenance and taxes, there can be a plethora of different costs which one would be subjected to. Renting properties can be one of the big financial decisions which one has to make in order to cut down on their cost of living. It can provide the same comfort and amenities of a personal home without cutting down on the comfort.

This can prove advantageous in the long run when instalments and loans for a new home would not be a hindrance anymore to their finances. 

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Renting a property or a home depends on the financial situation of the person, his/her plan for long terms and even market conditions. Although a lot of people still believe that buying a home helps in building equity, the current trends and forecast of the property market shows that houses for rent in Hounslow can be more advantageous than owning a home.

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Your pick of the property market

There are available a number of houses for rent here in the UK, especially here in Hounslow. Renting houses can have many advantages over buying one. People often miscalculate the costs required to own a house. After paying the initial sum, there can arise a number of different other costs which can prove to be immensely detrimental for an individual’s financial plans. However, with renting a house there would not be any

  • Costs of maintenance or repair

  • No monthly or yearly taxes to pay

  • Depreciation of the value of a property under unfavourable market conditions

  • Down payments

  • No costs or very low costs of insurance

All these factors prove to be favourable for people wishing to rent a house in Hounslow and surrounding areas. They can cut down on a huge number of costs and even have flexible options for housing whenever they wish to relocate.

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